Photography is a world of light and color; and when you add texture, it is a world I have loved since childhood.


Growing up in the suburbs of New York brought the city to my fingertips.   People, lights, sound and movement always fascinated me.  The pace and energy of worldwide metropolitan cities remain one of my favorite subjects.  And, my work further reflects the water and nature that were part of youthful summer memories of time spent on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. You might say my work has been evolving forever.


I attended the University of Rhode Island where my major was Textiles, Merchandising, and Design. This program offered me the opportunity to study Interior Design at The Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy through the Cleveland Institute of Art.  In Florence I was assigned the task of taking an ordinary object and recreating it as an unpredictable object.  There was so much design surrounding me in Italy and suddenly I saw the textures of Perelli tires as a coffee percolator.  From that moment I began viewing everyday objects from a different perspective.  


Now I see the world around me beyond the naked eye.  My work varies. Some images are clean and crisp and yet create depth with the ordinary layers of life.  Other images often are quite complex, leaving the guesswork up to the observer.  There is an underlying consistency throughout my work that evokes light, texture, color and movement, connecting the past with the present.  


Expressing myself through photography, I am given the opportunity to combine my passions for the arts, design and travel.  

with light and color,